Saturday, 31 March 2012

Shed number two

Well here I am back from gallivanting in the eastern states, where we attended a family wedding and ate oysters two hours out of the water - so plump, so creamy ...

I thought I'd tell you about shed no 2.  This one is a superior shed.  Architect designed, insulated and high ceiling ed.  It's primary purpose is to house the press and harvesting gear, plus the filled drums of oil and the bottles and labels.  It has a separate, so called commercial kitchen (which had to be approved by the local council) which is where we wash and  brine the pickling olives, and a nominal office (which is where we keep all the bee keeping stuff.)  This shed cost four times as much as the machinery shed.  We finished the floor with a two pack sealant which is supposedly able to stand up to all the hosing and scrubbing it is exposed to.  In the picture of the interior, you can see the little press, which will be asked to work hard in a few weeks time, the leaf blower (the stainless steel thing with the neck like a giraffe) and the harvesting umbrella, which is folded up but opens up to embrace the tree trunks when we are harvesting.  You will see how it all works when I take photos during the harvest.  I am very worried about the little press.  It is called an Olio Mio - made in Italy.  It is just a baby press and only does 50 kilos an hour at best.  Lately it has been getting hot, and I don't know why.  Nor does anyone else who has looked at it.

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