Friday, 9 March 2012

Foiled by a fang ...

Here we are, in the middle of our eighth heat wave for the season (that's 3 days over 35 degrees).  I believe it is a record.  I am feeling quite anxious about the little replant trees I told you about the other day.  I can't get down to the grove to water because our old cranky cat bit me on the forearm last Monday.  It wasn't really his fault, I was brushing him and hit a sore spot, so he swung around and sunk his long tooth in up to the hilt.  It didn't really hurt to start with, but that night it started to ache and I kept waking up.  So off to the doctor for a tetanus needle and a course of antibiotics.  I felt really seedy for a few days, and had to cancel all my engagements, including a meeting of my organic certifying body (NASAA) down in Denmark, which also meant I didn't get to see the Denmark family.  My arm is only now returning to its normal colour.  So, a word to the wise!  Keep your tetanus shots up to date, especially if you are a farmer. See your Doctor if you have a cat bite.  Cats have even more gruesome bacteria on their teeth than dogs.

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