Wednesday, 7 March 2012

After the Lake Clifton fire

In January 2011, a big bush fire swept through the Lake Clifton area.  Some people lost their homes. The fire entered the south west corner of our property but thanks to the efforts of the fire fighters, volunteer and professional, using helicopter water bombers and bulldozers, a containment line was cut through part of the grove and the fire stopped after burning through 80 of our youngest trees.  We have been fussing over these trees since, giving them extra water and seaweed tonic, and some did indeed resprout.  However our very hot dry summer has proved too much of a challenge for some.  It is not surprising, considering the fire was so hot it melted the tree guards around the trunks, and the trees were almost ringbarked. I have replanted some trees, though not with the very expensive grafted Kalamata which were there previously.  I had a collection of random seedlings in pots collected by someone else from an ancient tree in one of the early pioneer suburbs.  My plan to fill the other gaps is to dig up the little seedlings which pop up around the irrigated trees and see how they go.  Free trees!  It will be years before they bear, but who is in a hurry? 

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