Thursday, 23 August 2012

Still pressing!

I have just come back from the grove - Tania and I picked another 120 or so kilos of Mission.  The fruit is still sound, and I really needed some more robust oil to offer to my customers who like that style.  Everything else I have is mild and delicate - lovely oil, but for those that like bite in their salad dressing or for dipping, it isn't strong enough.  I got over 23 kilos of oil - that isn't a bad yield, considering the amount of rain we've had lately.  (you get less oil out of moist fruit).  Tania persuades me that we can get another press done, as she sees plenty of good fruit still.  My problem is storage. All the drums are full.  We are bottling as fast as we can.  I ran out of bottles and had to buy more, at the expensive rate as I couldn't quite afford to get a pallet load.  And now we have run out of labels!  (Though I could make use of the old ones for a while).  Selling the oil at my daughter's new shop is going well - we've had some lovely feed back.  And now daughter in law down in Denmark is going to see if her school market would be a good outlet - a possible choice for people would be sending down a drum which would allow people to buy as much as they like using their own containers.  I look forward to hearing how it goes today.  I think the first market is today...

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