Tuesday, 7 August 2012

a little oasis in a time of uncertainty...

It was good to get down to the grove today for a brief visit.  Even though it was pouring in the morning I was able to open the hive in the afternoon and check on the bees.  They are still not doing much, all crowded over on one side of the brood box, so I won't put another super on top yet.  The grove is looking good, though soon it will be time to get out the slasher and give the lupins a hair cut.  After 10 years of cutting them they are not so vigorous.  I also noted some scale on some of the dryland trees, but it is no use spraying them until we have a few dry days - and after a very dry July, we have had a wet start to August!  Tania has been busy bottling and labelling oil.  We have so much I shall have to come up with some marketing ideas to keep it moving.
I felt at ease and happy down at the grove, by myself and with space and quiet around me.  It hasn't been a good week.  I have started back on chemotherapy, and Mum (nearly 95) died.  It wasn't unexpected, but leaves you shaken and empty.  Being at the grove gives you time for reflection.

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