Wednesday, 4 July 2012

cleaning up the storm damage

I was down at the grove yesterday with Simon, who usually keeps our garden at home under control, but who has been coming down with me to help with the heavy work lately.  Our job was to cut back all the trees which have blown over in the storms in early June, and if possible, to stand them up again to see if they would recover.  I have managed to do this with smaller trees in the past, but wasn't sure about these, as they had been over for a month, and were BIG trees.  We managed to do 8 or 9 - lost count.  There is still one to go, which somehow we didn't see.  The big day on the chain saw left me really weary - I slept in till nearly 9 am today!  I feel so decadent saying that.  Only problem is the day is now more than half over and I have barely started my 'to do' list.  I have taken some photos so you will understand what we were doing, but of course I have left my camera down at the grove - I think it is sitting in the ute.  So the photos will have to wait.  I'll be down again tomorrow, with husband, as the long awaited contract harvesting is going to happen.  I'm now worrying about containers to put the oil in!

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