Thursday, 19 April 2012

Update on the press

The technician from Queensland went down to the grove on Wednesday afternoon.  He had a good look at the press and assures me NOTHING is wrong with it.  He says it is expected that the motors will get hot when running, and the gearbox under the malaxer seemed fine to him.  Well, it is nice to be reassured, and I am sure it will cost us a few hundred dollars for the reassurance, but I am still unhappy.  I know that the paste and oil have been warmer over the last couple of seasons, and that isn't good for quality.  I know that the lemon infused oil I did last year smelt of marmelade, and had to be discarded, when in previous years our lemon infused oil has been fresh and delicious.  Sensing my lack of enthusiasm for the 'good' news, the technician suggested that we rig up an extractor fan beneath the malaxer unit to suck warm air out.  I am going to purchase a laser thermometer to monitor the running temperatures and we will do a press next week.  Cross your fingers for us...

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