Friday, 13 April 2012

Please little press, don't let us down

I think I have mentioned before that I have been worried about our little Oliomio press overheating during operation.  It is not good for the quality of the oil if the paste gets too hot.  We have had all the motors (there are 5) taken off and checked, and they seem ok.  I think I have homed in on the source of the problem.  There is a sort of gear box under the malaxer (which is the washing machine like tub where the freshly crushed paste is stirred until the oil starts to separate out), and it seems to me that it is the source of the heat.  I have crawled under the press and have made out a sort of plate on it which has written - in Italian, of course, it being an Italian machine- something along the lines of 'permanently sealed for the life of the machine' which I take to mean you can't get inside and change the oil.  But there is a plug with an Allen key hole in it which looks like it is openable.  The instruction manual is no help at all.  I have called the Australian agents ( 'The Olive Centre', in Queensland) and they tell me the technician is currently in WA.  He has my number, and I am eagerly waiting to hear from him.  It is nearly time to start pressing, and the lovely in laws, Kent and Lynn, are coming over in May for 2 months to help.  It just has to be working!

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