Friday, 19 April 2013

Chipper at work

We are in a bit of a race against time trying to get all these 400 Leccino cleaned up before Preston Valley grove comes to harvest.  Mick has changed the day to Sunday the 28th April.  He says he'll only do half the trees on that day, and come back a bit later for the rest.  I have had Simon the gardener working for two days, using the bigger chipper while Tania and her husband have done a few hours with the smaller chipper.  ( The problem with that unit
seems to have been a slipping belt.  It has been tightened up a bit, so is working a little better.  Probably really needs a new belt.) Tania has also been shifting the prunings which are bigger and more dried out on to our burning piles. I hate doing that with good mulching material.  Mick, and Dave, his manager, came during the week and quickly tidied up the rest of the trees, fortunately taking off much less, so it should be easier going when we mulch those prunings.  Simon the gardener says he is happy to come down this Anzac day to do more chipping.  I feel it is sort of morally wrong to work on Anzac Day, which is just about sacred here, but I am torn about getting this job done.  Due to my chemo and radiation commitments I don't have any other free days this week
Here is Simon feeding prunings into the chipper.  Although it wasn't too hot, it was incredibly humid, and working conditions were awful!

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