Friday, 25 January 2013

Tractors and guinea fowl

Things are moving this week at the grove.  Our neighbours - a semi retired diesel mechanic and his wife, John and Janice, have provided us with a bit of excitement.  On Monday Janice and I brought 12 Guinea fowl babies up from their place to our old pen. Janice's guinea fowl laid a lot of eggs, and she hatched them under a chook (Guinea fowl are useless mothers.  Probably forget where they have laid their eggs) One escaped during the transfer, but John and Janice cunningly caught him the next morning.)  I worry about foxes, and even my other neighbour's staffy, who might fancy a little gf for morning tea. Please God they make it through their compulsory incarceration.  The one surviving original guinea fowl we have is hanging around the pen.  I hope he will want to be a mentor, and not peck them to bits.  He has been so lonely since his 3 buddies disappeared a couple of months ago. Janice has offered to check the chicks daily re water and food, which is a great relief.  Tania, my usual helper, has gone off the radar a bit since her kids are on school holidays and her husband is incapacitated - he had a serious accident hitting a kangaroo on his quad bike, and is in a brace due to fractured vertibrae.
Part two of the excitement is the possibility of a new tractor.  John and Janice have a Kubota - a reputable brand- which they think might suit us. It is newer, and smaller than our old Same (which they are trying to sell for us, a difficult job when the tractor has a busted clutch and  replacements are impossible to source.) I had a drive yesterday.  It felt fine, though I couldn't manage smooth gear changes.  Anyway, we are being lent the tractor for the weekend to try out, so once our baby sitting duties are over, we'll head down to the grove and see if we can dig out rocks, pull out stakes and generally cope with something completely different.  Wish us luck!

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