Friday, 23 November 2012

Update on tractor

Not good news on the tractor front.  The clutch, which we had repaired at considerable (several thousand dollars) expense not too long ago, has died again.  Mr and Mrs Tetlow, our neighbours who have a small business repairing and selling tractors, have advised us that it is probably not worth trying to fix it this time.  The parts are very difficult to get. Mrs Tetlow told me that the most valuable part of our tractor was the tyres, which are in relatively good condition and all up worth about $3000.  We have left the situation like this.  The Tetlows go to farm clearance sales, and buy tractors.  Janice Tetlow assures me that a 100 HP tractor, which is too big for most hobby farmers, and too small for broad acre farmers, could probably be picked up for around $10000. It would probably come with a cab and airconditioning. (Luxury!)  Perhaps my late Mum wouldn't mind me buying a new tractor with my inheritance.  (In fact I think she would thoroughly approve) We must wait and see, but in the meantime we can't do any tractor work.  I have a lot of tree stakes I would really like to pull up, but you need the tractor for that.

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  1. You have been a busy blogger! So many new posts.

    The MM Memorial Tractor. I like the sound of it!

    Regarding our baby chicks, I got 6 fertile eggs from a friend. They (the 2 mother hens) turfed 2 eggs out of the nest on the first day and the remaining 4 went on to hatch. Sadly one chick drowned early on but the others are charging along and feathering up quickly. Fingers crossed the only rooster was the one that drowned (wishful thinking!). Although I wouldn't mind having one in the flock. . . sam's plan is to throw any boys over the back fence and let the foxes sort them out.

    rachel xo